synthetic Vajo Kazan | 1337
synthetic Vajo Kazan | 1337
synthetic Vajo Kazan | 1337

synthetic Vajo Kazan | 1337

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The 1337 series is the best choice for the pocket watercolor brush.

Ideal for having a set for painting in watercolor during a trip, for making sketches in the open air and for having an extremely efficient and versatile tool in every situation.

It is specially designed to meet the extreme needs of the modern watercolorist: very thin tip, high color retention capacity and appreciable elasticity. Thanks to the particular tension exerted by the individual fibers, it manages to retain all the water and color inside, so that it does not lose drops.

The most important aspect of this brush is undoubtedly its versatility: excellent both in drawing up the finest and thickest lines, it guarantees absolute precision and cleanliness of the stroke as it perfectly follows the pressure given by the hand. Impeccable application of the pigment which is always homogeneous and constant. When unloaded, this synthetic is able to absorb all excess color.

Aesthetically elegant and original, this precious instrument combines the qualities of tradition with those of innovation: the head, made of synthetic Vajo hair and 100% Cruelty Free, is firmly anchored to the tumbled handle thanks to a special bi-component glue and to the ring nut, which is made of plastic material and bound with golden thread.

This guarantees not only high stability, but above all a great resistance to water.

As these are pocket brushes, the cap itself acts as a handle.

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