Aquasynt | 1415
Aquasynt | 1415

Aquasynt | 1415

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Aquasynt 1415 series, 100% cruelty free, resulting from the collaboration between Felice Feltracco and the Tintoretto company, is designed for the watercolourists of today.p>

’s the perfect tool for washing away, as it completely absorbs the colour respecting the fibres of the paper.p>

Thanks to the water stored in its soft fibres, it has a very high colour retention.Fluid brushstrokes without recharging the brush are possible, even in the widest applications of colour.

This series has the best features in the field of synthetic brushes, proving to be an indispensable tool for watercolour painting, with high quality synthetic fibres, a non-slip handle with a special waterproof varnishing that prevents cracking, and a ferrule made of a plastic material. .

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